10 Best Rarity Sniper Alternatives & Competitors


Are you looking for alternatives to Rarity Sniper? Read this post. Rarity Sniper is one of the best NFT tools accessible because of its ability to grade new NFT projects based on their general rarity.

Rarity Sniper is one of the more approachable choices on this list. This is so because it can rate recently created NFT projects based on their overall rarity. The application’s primary focus is the rarity rating and has a simple user interface. For any collection that is currently offered, Rarity Sniper may provide tracking.

The same range of services Rarity Sniper offers may be found in several other respectable tools. Selecting the best from the options might take a lot of work. Fortunately, we’ve covered you with our carefully curated lists of alternative means, replete with features and pricing, to meet your professional needs.

Rarity Sniper Alternative

Looking for alternatives to Rarity Sniper? Here is a list of some

Rarity. tools

Rarity. tools is a famous NFT analysis tool. This tool is best recognized for ranking the rarity of collectables and works of art in real time. It lists top-performing NFTs, like CryptoPunks, VeeFriends, and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Each NFT trait is given a rarity score by rarity—tools to be ranked. The overall rarity score is then calculated by adding up all of the rarity scores. Thanks to this, you can easily explore and fast check the results for any listed NFTs.

They are additionally listing generative art and collectable NFTs on rarity. Tools are simple. To list an NFT, creators must pay a set fee of 2 ETH, although all users are entitled to free analytical services. Additionally, this application updates you on market trends and provides information on impending NFT sales.

Even though rare. Tools are the best NFT rarity tool, but there are a few drawbacks. First off, the 2 ETH creation fee is a bit high. Second, despite the site’s straightforward style, there are no navigational tabs, which makes it challenging for new users to look for current and highly ranked NFTs.

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Cryptoslam is an NFT data aggregator. It is a fantastic NFT tool that shows worldwide indexes, fan tokens, blockchain purchases, all-time NFT project ratings, and the most excellent NFT collectables sales by volume. Additionally, it presents all of this on a single landing page, making it simple for newcomers to conduct their studies. With this tool’s help, you can get all the details you require about a specific NFT, such as its price, unique characteristics, and rarity rankings.

The tool also provides you with information on NBA Top Shot. You may quickly search for videos of your favourite players or teams, look up the owners’ names, and obtain their wallet addresses if you want to purchase. If you’re searching for an easy-to-use NFT tool, Cryptslam is a good option because of its capabilities.

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Opensea is the world’s most popular NFT marketplace. It includes a sizable collection of digital assets from the Polygon, Ethereum, and Klaytn blockchains. It uses smart contracts to govern NFT ownership and offers functionality that allows users to track, curate, and trade NFTs on one practical platform. This also gives real-time data on everything occurring in Opensea’s market.

Users can view NFT ranks based on volume and other statistical factors like floor price thanks to Openseas’ NFT ranking capabilities. Even if you can browse NFT qualities and each trait’s rarity, the website may not establish an NFT’s rarity score or even its total rarity rank.

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The real-time NFT analytical tool Moby provides a simple and fundamental rarity ranking. It offers various scales for NFT attributes, markets, and mints. Navigation is made simple by the comprehensive list at the top of the landing page. Moby provides access to real-time data for 6 months, alerts for wallet and well-known mints, a repository of historical data, and live charts that run real-time updates for 0.1 ETH.

Additionally, Moby displays all current transactions, including presales. Knowing an NFT’s presale performance might help you judge how well-liked it is and whether it is worthwhile to purchase. Nevertheless, despite these advantages, Moby.gg falls short regarding showing data. The site only displays some of the info on your screen. While a style like this streamlines the page, it also makes it difficult to look across numerous pages for specific content.

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Another excellent rare tool that provides the most recent details on forthcoming NFT projects is traitsniper. Traitsniper employs a bot to calculate the rarity of the NFT as soon as a new project is created. Both a free and a premium version of the tool are available. The premium version ensures you receive real-time updates as soon as new NFTs are released.

However, the site’s crowdedness could demoralize you. It can be challenging to browse Traitsniper, especially for new users. Nevertheless, if you click on a certain NFT, its Rarity Rank and score will appear. The price of NFTs and the highest offer it has ever gotten on Opensea are also displayed.

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OmniMint is an NFT platform that keeps track of impending NFT drops. Thanks to its user-friendly design, you can immediately see the project’s social media, functionality, founders, and roadmap. You will thoroughly understand whether a project is worthwhile to invest in this way.

Additionally, users get access to detailed information about current projects, including their floor price, daily sales volume, holder data, and rarity rankings. You may also view the most recent NFT news that the market is discussing. Using this extensive tool, investors may track and snipe NFTs as precisely as feasible.

Users will receive more thorough and laser-focused information about every project in the NFT world thanks to the platform’s planned capabilities, which are free for everyone.

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Dappradar is an analytical tool with many features ideal for both seasoned and novice NFT investors. With a sectioned display highlighting major features like Hot Topics, NFTs, DeFi, Exchanges, Games, etc., it contains a ranked list of all currently available Decentralized Applications that are all free to access.

The Portfolio tracker allows users to quickly analyze, evaluate, and find new initiatives in the NFT market and keep track of their acquired assets. The website ranks projects according to liquidity, capitalization, and prices using a variety of parameters. Users are directed to the real-time trading volume and cost changes in the market by segments for NFT top sales, marketplaces, top collections, and new projects.

On its blog, which includes articles and breaking crypto news, Dappradar serves as both an educational platform and a resource for newcomers by providing insightful materials on central crypto themes.

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Icy.tools is a simple tool for tracking NFTs. Beginners love it because of its simple, transparent interface, which is ideal for doing a rapid market survey. It provides a list of trending sales and projects, for example, sorted by volume and sales price.

Users can access services such as transaction history on collections and balance searches on any wallet address. Nevertheless, more features can be evaluated on the paid version. Users who desire thorough analysis, available wallet tracking, in-depth market charts, and customized alerts must pay 0.03 ETH per month for the premium edition.

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Moby is a small yet effective tracking website that provides real-time NFT feeds and analytics. Its data can assist investors in monitoring assets and making faster judgments on new trends because it allows for a shorter window interval of 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 24 hours, and more.

Moby is among the best NFT monitoring tools; however, data visualizations are only available to customers who pay 0.1ETH for a six-month subscription to the Pro edition. The website displays a list of NFT items, but rankings and live streams are unavailable. Subscribers can gain access to features such as NFT signals, historical questionnaires, real-time feeds, and so on.

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Raritysniffer, as the name implies, is similar to Traitsniper in that it provides the most recent rankings of new NFT projects based on their rarity. The portal only displays information on the most recent collections of NFTs and detected projects for free users.

Users must additionally join the Discord channel for a subscription to gain a deeper examination of potentially uncommon NFTs. This offers you exclusive access to the rare status of new NFTs that have been sniffed before they are released to the public. The monthly subscription charge is 1.5ETH.

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What Makes an NFT Rare?

NFT rarity is a word used to rank NFTs according to their uniqueness. Rarity is an essential aspect in determining the value of NFTs. Understanding what makes an NFT unique allows you to find assets with higher potential value. So, what distinguishes an NFT? Here are a few examples:

  • Limited supply: If there are just a few of something, it will become more desired after and thus more valuable. This is particularly true for digital assets, which can be infinitely duplicated and recreated. Issuers employ NFT rarity tools to track the number of goods manufactured and ensure that only a limited supply is available on markets such as OpenSea, Rare Bits, or Nifty to create rare NFTs. NFTs can be worth considerably more on open markets if they combine rarity and quality.
  • NFT attributes: The digital DNA (or collection of coded points) of the NFT is distinct and identifiable. NFTs with unique characteristics will generally be more valued in open markets.
  • Particular uses: NFT issuers can impose additional constraints on their NFT items, allowing only a fixed number of NFT users to benefit. This makes NFTs more expensive than others because the number of individuals who can profit from them is limited.
  • Inherent demand: Some NFTs have a higher order than others. NFTs that represent famous digital assets (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum) will be more desirable, for example, because individuals desire to possess a portion of the top cryptocurrencies. NFTs used for gaming may have a greater intrinsic demand because gamers constantly look for new and unusual items to add to their collections. NFTs utilized for social media purposes may also have a higher inherent need since they appeal to consumers who want to promote their assets on a specific platform.


Investing in NFTs can be a profitable and fascinating venture. Nevertheless, rarity rules the roost for the best value in any collectable market! The rare an object is, the more it will be valuable on the secondary market. So, if you want to start investing in NFTs, these NFT rarity services will help you find the most incredibly rare NFTs on the market.