Dangote Refinery awards scholarship to 460 students in host communities

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, Dangote Petroleum Refinery and Dangote Fertiliser Limited have awarded scholarships to 460 students of secondary schools and tertiary institutions from its host communities in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State.

The company said the scholarship had become an annual event meant to contribute to the educational development of the people and position them rightly in the scheme of things in Lagos State and Nigeria in general.

The scholarships were presented to 443 secondary school students and 17 tertiary institution students from its host communities around Ibeju-Lekki.

Group Executive Director, Strategy, Capital Projects and Portfolio Development, Dangote Group, Mr. Devakumar Edwin, presented the scholarships to beneficiaries yesterday at an event attended by traditional rulers and government officials in Lagos State.

Edwin said the Dangote Group believes that education is the passport to the future and that an investment in knowledge yields the greatest dividends for mankind.

He said the company had over the years supported the Nigerian educational sector by instituting scholarship award programmes.

According to him, this is part of the company’s education intervention initiative for indigenous students of host communities impacted by its businesses.

He stated, “In 2019, we executed a pilot of the scholarship programme where 51 secondary school students from our 15 host communities here in Ibeju Lekki were awarded. However, we could not hold the second edition in the year 2020 due to the incidence of COVID -19 and its associated effects not only on businesses but on every household.

“In 2021, 118 secondary school students and 19 tertiary institution students from our host communities were awarded the scholarship award and after a rigorous screening process this year, 443 secondary school students and 17 tertiary institution students have qualified for the scholarship award.”

While congratulating the beneficiaries, he enjoined them to continue to work hard at their studies, strive to achieve excellence in all that they do, and never stop giving their best.

“Your achievements are a testament to your determination, perseverance, and commitment to excellence, and we are honoured to celebrate your success with you today,” he added.

Edwin encouraged the awardees to make the most of the opportunities and to always strive for excellence.

“Remember that your education is a gift, and it is up to you to make the most of it. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow, and do not be afraid to take risks.We are proud to support your education and future endeavors, and we look forward to seeing all that you will accomplish in the years ahead. Congratulations again to all our scholars.

“With the continuous support of the people and the Lagos State Government, we shall not relent in our efforts to be socially accountable while we positively impact our host communities. We look forward to a continuous peaceful and rewarding relationship with our host communities in Ibeju Lekki,” Edwin said.

On his part, the traditional ruler of Lekki, Onilekki of Lekki Land, Oba (King) Liasim Ogunbekun said that the programme was a blessing to the community and gave kudos to the Dangote Group.

“We appreciate Dangote Group because this is not their first time but their third scholarship edition to the host communities in Ibeju Lekki.

“I urge the beneficiaries to put in more effort in their academic pursuit and justify the amount being paid for the scholarship.

“We thank the Dangote Group because a lot of improvement have been recorded in the lives of the participants,” Ogunbekun said.

One of the beneficiaries of the City & Guilds Engineering training programme, Raheem Olukayode thanked Dangote Group for the opportunity to study, become an engineer and impact positively to the society.

“The training has been beneficiary because it supports the less privileged who are interested in furthering their education achieve their dreams in spite of financial challenges.

“The programme is simply going to positively affect the development of Ibeju-Lekki in future because we are going to have more engineers emerging from this area.

“We were told that after level three training, the best of us will be given job opportunity to work with Dangote Group so we are encouraged to give our best to win the slot,” Olukayode said.

Also, the Head Girl of Community Senior High School, Magbon Segun, Ibeju Lekki, Sano Omolere said that the scholarship had assisted their parents in supporting their education.

“For instance, some students have relented in their effort to further in their education because of lack of money.

“However, this scholarship has supported our parents provide us with school fees and books that have encouraged a lot of us to do better in class,” the head girl said.

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