Envirofluid Turns 30

We’re very excited to announce that this month, Envirofluid is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

Humble Beginnings

The company started out with humble beginnings in 1993, opening from a small rented office in a tin shed in Warrnambool after Ben Ohlmeyer, company CEO, moved from Adelaide with his wife Cathy and their three kids. He was soon joined by Jim Mead, Debbie Cox and Lynette Earle.

In 1998, the business relocated when the building that holds our current offices and warehouse was completed. The group grew to include Owen Scott and Matthew Sutherland not long after and continued to expand from there. The company continued working with various water authorities and industries to provide sewage pump stations, water treatment and wastewater systems.


In the early 2000’s the company was renamed Environmental Fluid Systems, or Envirofluid, as we are now more commonly known. This name and branding change was completed to reflect our focus on helping industries improve their bottom line as well as protect workers with environmentally friendly chemicals. In 2006, Envirofluid transitioned from a partnership to a company, with Ben and Cathy as directors. The range of chemicals was initially limited to the Triple7 line but it quickly expanded to include Purasolve and ActiveEco.

Envirofluid Branding Over the Years


One of the key features of the original Envirofluid branding was the use of swashes to represent land, sea and air. This idea was carried forward in our current branding and incorporated into a circular and leaf-like design to emphasize the whole-life and recyclability aspects of Envirofluid products.

The new branding helped to visually represent the vision and mission of Envirofluid and our passion to improve workplaces whilst protecting people and the world we live in. Over time, the Envirofluid brand has become synonymous with high-quality, powerful, WorkSafe and environmentally friendly chemicals and the company has continued to grow and expand its product line.


Growth and Changes

In 2001, Envirofluid started supplying to the Australian Defence Force, helping to reduce their chemical inventory by up to 80 percent. This led to virtually eliminating their Dangerous Goods use in a number of applications and improving worker safety.

Several large distributors within Australia and globally have partnered with us over the years. Envirofluid also works with the mining industry, supplying a number of products ranging from Triple7 degreasers and cleaners to Purasolve parts washers and solvents.

As recently as last year, Envirofluid signed a contract with the New Zealand Defence Force. A range of products was also launched through the global GPC network.

Another milestone was hit by Envirofluid in 2022 when manufacturing was started in the United States. In addition, a global agreement was signed with Boeing in Dallas, U.S. and Melbourne, Australia.

This growth necessitated the addition of more talented and skillful people. As well as expanding the team in Australia, international staff have also been added to the team since 2018 to fill roles in marketing, sales and accounting.


Pandemic Response

Operating in the regional community, Envirofluid was able to respond quickly during the pandemic and produced over 500 tons of 100 percent Australian-made Ethanol-based sanitisers.


Envirofluid is honoured to have received a number of notable distinctions over the years, which are a testament to the team’s drive and dedication to our cause. Below are some of the achievements for which we have been shortlisted or recognised:


  • Winner of Supplier of the Year at the Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety Awards


  • Winner of Excellence in Environmental Management at Australian Mining Prospect Awards
  • Finalist at the United Nations Environmental Award


  • Finalist for Regional Defence SME at the Defence Connect Australian Defence Industry Awards


  • Finalist for Safety Innovator at the Australian Aviation Awards
  • Finalist for Manufacturing/Maintenance Business at the Australian Aviation Awards
  • Finalist for Aviation Support Business at the Australian Aviation Awards
  • Winner of Manufacturer of the Year at the Australian Defence Industry Awards
  • Winner of Regional Exporter at the 43rd Annual Governor of Victoria Export Awards

Heartfelt Gratitude

Envirofluid has employed some amazing people through the years, all of whom had the special skills and expertise that helped make the company what it is today. We also have our valuable customers who come from a range of industries to thank for supporting a small business and helping us to get where we are now.

The journey ahead of us looks promising and exciting, and we hope you will stick around with us into the future.