Americans Spent More on This One Thing in 2021 Than Food, Healthcare, Education, and Clothing…COMBINED

You want to know how bad of shape we are in as a country? You’re not going to believe this.

According to the most recent consumer spending data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we as Americans spent more money on paying taxes than we spent on food, or healthcare, or education, or clothing…COMBINED!

According to the report, we spent about 25% of our money on freaking taxes!

The report goes into detail to give a breakdown of how the average American spent their money on these items.

The average American household spent an average of $8,289.28 on food, another $5,451.61 on healthcare, $1,226.14 on education, and $1,754.39 on clothing totaling up to $16,721.42 for the average household. But when you compare that to the average amount of taxes paid, it’s just barely less than the average of $16,729.73.

This is the sad state that our country is in. We spend entirely too much in taxes. Our government just throws away money. We know this because Rand Paul releases reports every year detailing some of the ridiculous things that the government spends our tax money on.

They are on a “use it or lose it” sort of system it seems, and they wouldn’t dare dream of giving us our money back that they didn’t use.

I can still remember back in 2019 when I first reported on this sort of behavior.

Nearly $500 million was spent on new furniture which included a Wexford leather club chair for nearly $10,000.

A $12,000 foosball table, $50,000 worth of ski equipment, and $1.7 million on tubas and trombones (your guess is as good as mine on why they felt the need to spend that much money on instruments).

There was also nearly $5 million on spent on fine dining for lobster and crab.

As the year wrapped up, the federal agencies felt the need to celebrate by splurging on luxury food items. The Department of Defense spent $2.3 million on snow crab, Alaskan king crab, and crab legs and claws, plus another $2.3 million was spent on lobster tail. Additionally, agencies spent nearly $300,000 on steak (ribeye, top sirloin, and flank).

A stockpile of guns and ammunition costing $800 million, with purchases at regulatory agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Small Business Administration (SBA).

The government absolutely wastes our money. Our government is absolutely crooked and full of thieves who steal our money and live the high-life while we struggle to make ends meet.